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MULTINFT.IO is a group of companies that has been operating in various expertise surrounding NFT & Blockchain technology since March 2018. MultiNFT services umbrella seeks to simplify the use of NFTs and thus opening a gateway for accelerated adoption and previous tech disruption. To achieve this, a new ecosystem of domains and products will be deployed, building around and focusing on accessibility, interoperability and user experience both online and in real world manifestations.

The group represents leading companies in their field from all over the world and offers products and services to a variety of industries. We are a One Stop Hub for the NFT industry, while creating a synergy between the companies in the group. LightPaper

Invest MULTINFT.IO provides a one-stop-shop solution suite for both users and brands for everything NFT.

From leading marketplaces affiliate programs – to onboarding and consulting for brands and companies of all sorts in regards to NFT and blockchain technology – and all the way to audience education and market easing solutions that encourage consumerism and bring more adoption.

About MNFT Token

The MultiNFT Token, or $MNFT , is the main currency of the multi-domain eco system and their marketplaces and affiliate offers, it is also used to unlock access to rare NFT drops, enable special discounts, earn cashback and further utility across the a first of its kind single location for all marketplaces across all chains to be browsed and used easily!

Gain early access to content from influencers, artists, game studios/publishers, travel agencies, luxury real-estate listings and many other unqiue experiences such as AAA- access to both online and real life VIP events or special lounges in conferences before anyone else!


Start of Sell of Token

Oct 30,2021 (10:00 GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

4,200,000,000 MNFT (5%)

End of Sale of Token

Oct 30,2021 (10:00 GMT)

There will never be more than a total of
4,200,000,000 $MNFT

Public Sale STARTS In

Public Token Sell
Hard Cap 10%

Initial Token Distribution

Currently the token has been deployed, yet only the 5% burn mechanism has been introduced so surrounding smart contracts will need to be created.

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