Simplify the process of creating & selling NFTs!


NFT Minting Solutions for  art, music, influencers, fashion, events & brands

The process to create an NFT always begins with the creation
of the asset it would represent.


DJ’s & Musicians NFTs, allowing to cut out the expenses selling directly to their fan base

  • Art (Cover Album, Picture, Memes, Gif)
  •  Music
  • Merchandise
  • Backstage Pass Event
  •  30min Zoom Call with Artist
  • Dinner with Artist + Event Backstage
  • Private Online show


Art Designers NFTs  categorizing digital artworks that enables designers to monetize their work.

  • Memes, Gif
  • Digital Art
  • Art Merchandise
  • Posters Signed
  • 30min Zoom Call with Artist
  • Private Online Lesson


Authorship minted as NFTs to TikTok memes,
YouTube videos, Stream Clips.

  • Memes
  • Pictures
  • Merchandise
  • 30min Zoom Call with Influencer

Fashion Designers

An “in-game” digital character or a “skin,”
playable or usable in Video Games
  • Art (Cover Album, Picture, Memes, Gif)
  • Fashion Items
  • Multiverse Items (Turn your fashion item to game item)
  • 30min Zoom Call with Designer
  • Private Online Lesson


NFT Tickets are unique digital assets issued
for event organizers, sports clubs and artists.
  • Preventing scams & fake tickets
  • Users get full ownership over tickets 
  • Gift tickets securely to friends & family
  • Get a commission from resales activities
  • Track every ticket from sale to entry
  • Take control over who can attend your events
  • Collectibles Addons


Users could continue to use their acquired NFTs in multipli games/platforms.

  • Create unique brand experiences
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Encourage interaction
  • Create interest in your brand and product
Our Approach


Turn your idea from concept to NFT


Sketch out the product to align the user needs

Develop / Mint

Convert the designs into a live digital asset

Sell Your NFT

Launching the NFT on the top marketplaces or exclusive sale!

Creative revolution in the digital assets

We work with top NFT platforms,   Let us work for you, 

Minting On Top Platforms

an NFT

Our background experience working across the NFT industry since March 2018 assists influencers, brands, musicians, athletes, sports teams, collectors, and innovators to find authentic and meaningful ways to create, promote and sell your NFTs to connect with their customers and fans, as the (growing) NFT community is built upon a foundation of supporting creatives.

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